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Consultations are free and always welcomed!

Its' a great way to achieve the perfect colour match, desired length and selecting the right method of extensions suited for you. 


Theres' no doubt Hair Extensions are one of the hottest running trends in the Hair Industry today! Over the years several new methods have been successfully introduced, allow us to inform you on the methods we provide!


Hi' My name is Syl,

I'm a Licensed Hair Extension Technician.


I specialize in Premium Human Hair Extensions!

Over the years, while building great rapport with my clients, I worked just as hard in building great rapport with my Hair Suppliers around the globe! This is key in providing my clients the best quality hair at reasonable prices!


Working with different suppliers throughout the years, I am able to identify and cater to your needs when it comes to the pricing of the hair extensions you choose; all installations at Crowning Touch Extensions are 100% Human Hair.


What I offer is a professional service, with hair extensions installed in the safest method to best suit your hair type and it's natural well being.


I am also willing to travel within the GTA to deliver you superior quality hair extensions in the comfort of your home to better serve and accommodate you, should there be any medical reasons you are not easily mobile. Additional cost may apply.  

Methods Of Extensions We Offer

 Whether you’re looking for more volume, curls, longer hair, or lasting color; hair extensions are the way to go for your 2021-2022 makeover!


Here are some ways you can upgrade your look with hair extensions!

1. Adding Volume:

Despite what many people think, most women get hair extensions for volume, not length. Whether you have a bob or waist length hair, extensions can give you the volume that no amount of hairspray or teasing ever could. This is especially helpful if you have thin or thinning hair.

2. Achieving Better Curls:

One of the things that makes us unique is that we offer all textures in hair extensions. It’s a great option for women who want a better curl pattern and more volume. However, all of our 100% human hair extensions have a natural wave to them and hold curls really well. So if you have naturally straight hair that flattens within hours of being curled, our hair extensions are the ones for you!

3. Length:

If you regret chopping your hair during quarantine, we can help —thank goodness! Stop dreaming about all the gorgeous lengthy locks on your Pinterest board and book your free consultation with Crowning Touch Extensions today! 

4. Enhance or Introduce Color:

If you’ve been longing to try out one of the new hair color trends, like a bright violet or a sleek silver, our hair extensions may be the best way to achieve that.  It also reduces the amount of chemical damage on your natural hair. Try a blonde Peek-A-Boo or even in aqua, the possibilities are endless!

The first step to determining your haircare budget is to choose the type of hair extensions you want!

There’s a vast array of options, and all come with a different price points. Some hair extensions are temporary, others are semi-permanent, some are synthetic, others are genuine Indian hair, and the list goes on and on.

There are many factors that affect hair extension cost once you’ve selected the type you want;


For example, the more hair you need in Grams, the higher the price will be.

There’s several different types of Human Hair Extensions, with Virgin Remy hair being one of the best. Explore the possibilities, these factors can reduce or hike up your hair extensions cost.

Your preferences will play a huge factor in the overall cost of your hair extensions. Be as specific as possible when determining your budget, and don’t forget to add in proper hair extensions care products. You’re spending your hard earned money on your new tresses and you want to keep them looking flawless. So, never underestimate the power of quality hair products for hair extensions.



It's All About You!

All clients of all hair types are welcomed!


As a professional technician, during our consultation we will determine which method is best suited for you and your everyday needs.


All methods are long lasting with a wear of up to 3-4 months actively; with daily washing, blow drying, straightening, curling and yes even colouring too! 


Clip In's can be kept for up to 24 months, in some cases longer, depending on the daily wear and maintenance of the extensions.


Each client will receive a personal Aftercare Kit after their installation, to help manage and pamper their new hair extensions.


After each consultation and booked appointment, I cater to each After Care Kit as per the individual's needs and wants for their new extensions.


All work installed and completed by Crowning Touch Extensions includes a 30 Day Guarantee; any slippage and or installation issue(s) will be corrected at no charge to you.

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Crowning Touch Extensions


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